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                         Resist Grief and Sorrow 

Dear Partner,


The dictionary defines sorrow as “a heavy weight that comes from loss”.


When grief and sorrow show up, they always bring with them, a heaviness, a weight upon you, depression and sadness.


Grief and sorrow are designed by satan to steal, kill and destroy. They have the ability to choke the Word of God out of your heart and cause the Word to become unfruitful. Without the Word alive in our hearts, we are helpless against the forces of darkness.


Isaiah 53:4 NKJV

Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows…


Jesus bore our griefs and carried our sorrows. If Jesus was required to bear sorrow and defeat it on the cross, then it must be satanic. 


If you look up the Hebrew words translated griefs and sorrows, you’ll find those same words can be translated sickness, weakness and pain. 


Grief and sorrow come from the same source as sickness, weakness and pain, which is death. Grief and sorrow are deaths companions and we are not to tolerate it at any time.


Grief and sorrow do not stand a chance against the joy of the Lord but like everything in Jesus, a stand must be taken. Nothing is just automatic. We have to stand firm against these spiritual forces and resist them.


Nehemiah 8:10 AMPC 

And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.


Say this…I refuse to be sad. I refuse to be depressed. I refuse to sorrow and grieve, because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Sorrow and mourning shall flee away from me, the redeemed of the Lord.


Isaiah 51:11 KJV

Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.


We are the redeemed of the Lord, therefore sorrow and grief has no right to stay on us.


When we face painful situations, it’s easy to begin to lust after that gush and rush of sorrowful emotion, to let it flood our soul, taking over our will and mind. In a way, we actually enjoy all the attention, sympathy and such that goes along with it.


However, it’s when all the “mourners” and “back patters” have gone home that grief and sorrow begin to do their real work. 


The worst thing about all this is that the Church of Jesus Christ has the power and authority over sorrow and instead of resisting it, we have yielded to sorrow’s cold clammy arms of defeat. Well, no more!


Begin to search your heart right now and see if you’ve allowed sorrow to dwell there. You may discover for instance, that you are still grieving over things that happened years ago. Or you may find that sorrow has gotten hold of you, not through major events, but through seemingly small disappointments. You may even be worrying and grieving over something that hasn’t even happened yet.


I encourage you to take a stand against it today. Make a commitment to drive grief and sorrow away again and again with the Word of God until they don’t even try to come back anymore. Don’t put it off. Do it now.


1.  Remember that Jesus defeated sorrow and bore it for you.

It no longer has any real power over you, so all of its strength is coming from what you give it.


2. Use the power of the Word.

The Word says don’t sorrow! Whenever the Word tells you not to do something, it also provides you with the power you need to obey it.


3. Don’t be fooled by your flesh.

Take a stand. At the first sign of depression, loneliness, tears or self-pity, stand up with the Word and fight back. 


Say out loud…“I sorrow not. I’m not a person without hope. I belong to Jesus and He has defeated grief and sorrow for me. The power of God is in me, the faith of God is in me, the love of God is in me, the gift of God is in me. I stir it up and rebuke the spirit of fear, I rebuke the spirits of grief and sorrow, in Jesus Name.


4. Always see grief and sorrow as spirit beings- not just emotions.

They are personalities that want to take over your emotions and then take over your life. Stand up and fight them. You belong to Jesus, not to those two thieves.


5. Begin to minister joy to others.

As you reach out to others, don’t reach out in sympathy. Reach out in love, reach out in the power of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter.

It’s time to resist grief and sorrow. It’s time for you to take your stand against it. It’s time to sing, rejoice and be glad for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Ps. Lester Holland

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