Father, in the name of Jesus, right now I sow as seed in the Kingdom of God every hurt, every bad feeling, every theft, and every evil thing any person has ever done or said to me, my family or ministry. I release every person who has ever hurt me and I forgive them now. I lift each one of them up to You and I pray for those people. I pray Father, that they’ll come into a greater knowledge of You. I pray that their spirit be saved on the Day of the Lord.

Now I declare before You, My God in heaven, that I expect a reward. I believe Your Word and by faith I set my sickle to my harvest. I believe I receive a hundredfold return for every wrong deed done to me, every unkind word spoken to me and every cent stolen from me. I expect to receive a blessing of equal benefit. I claim it. It’s mine and I have it now in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen